Potential Has No Age

Finding your light is not always easy. It can be hard
to remember that even shadows can lead us to
light. Sometimes, the light is hidden, waiting to be
found. Like our potential, it exists within. A
brilliance that knows no limits.

Age-defying skincare backed by research on
human potential.

To believe that your own potential is always there, where your past, present & future meet.

Anne Hathaway, Global Ambassador for Shiseido Vital Perfection, is an Academy Award winning actor and fashion icon.

Through her work, she has become an inspiration to many, encouraging them to reach for their inner potential to create a better world.

“I've always admired the philosophy of Vital Perfection, how it combines simple elegance, complex tradition and knowledge gained over time in such a balanced and nuanced way.”

Power your skin’s
potential with Pure

SHISEIDO’s technology preserves retinol,
delivering high potency straight to your skin.

*Not a derivative.

Unlock Your Skin’s
Potential Today

Redeem your 6-pc Vital Perfection skincare trial kit.

Intensive WrinkleSpot

Power your skin’s potential with Pure Retinol.

LiftDefine Radiance

Visibly improves dullness, wrinkles, loss of firmness
in just 4 weeks.

Uplifting and Firming

Visibly lifts skin in 1 week.

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