Infinite Treatment Primer

Infinite Treatment Primer,

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Infinite Treatment Primer
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Infinite Treatment Primer

A dual-purpose makeup and skincare benefits primer with Pearl Diffusion Technology for a natural pearlescent glow. More Details


Item No. 1011812030
A dual-purpose makeup and skincare benefits primer with Pearl Diffusion Technology for a natural pearlescent glow. More Details


Size : 40mL

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How to Use
  • • Use as the last step of your skincare routine, taking one pearl-sized drop onto your fingertip and blend smoothly into skin.
  • • Using too small an amount will not provide a sufficient UV protection effect.
  • • Wipe mouth of container and firmly close cap after use.
  • • When contact occurs with clothing, wash immediately with detergent.
  • • Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse immediately with water.

The Power
of Pearls

Helping Skin Retain
its Natural Glow.

Inspired by the exceptional luster of Japanese Akoya pearls and its perfectly round thick protective layer, SHISEIDO developed Nacreous Layer Technology to offer skin layers of protection like a pearl and enhanced with a glow that intensifies with each use from Akoya Pearl Shell Extract.


Indulge yourself with
SFSLX skincare series.

A complete pearlescent skin experience

Infinite Treatment Primer awakens your skin’s vitalizing forces for a natural pearlescent glow.

This luxuriously enriched softening lotion provides moisture immediately and aging care benefits for lasting beauty.


Capturing the Beauty
of Pearls
and the Ancient
Power of the Enmei Herb.

  • SFSLX Ingredients

    The Legendary
    Enmei Herb.

    A main ingredient of the Future Solution LX Collection is the legendary Enmei herb. Revered for centuries, the herb’s revitalizing force is found to contain the ability to improve the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin firmness and clarity.

    Paired with the Akoya Pearl Shell Extract ingredient, skin can achieve an even greater pearlescent glow with the herb’s vitalizing power to lead beautiful skin from its source to draw beauty from within.

  • SFSLX Ingredients

    Decoding Timeless
    The LonGenevity™ Gene.

    In a breakthrough demonstration in a joint research between SHISEIDO and several companies, the SHISEIDO research team and collaborating teams succeeded in reviving the flower of a 350-year old camellia sasanqua.

    The result is LonGenevity Science™, studying the potential of the ancient Enmei herb to power the Future Solution LX Collection for youthful looking skin.


Yutaka at Home

Awaken Your Inner Beauty.

Bring the Yutaka Treatment experience into a daily part of your beauty routine at home. Experience transcendence while learning a specialized massage technique accompanied by music to experience, all designed to compliment the legendary Enmei’s power for skin revitalizing and smoothing the visible signs of aging.

Skincare Q&A

The Best Face Primer Questions You’re Probably not Asking.

  • Can primer replace foundation?

    To replace foundation with a primer, it’s good to find a primer that can provide both strong coverage for makeup and include skincare benefits. Foundation is often used to color correct and balance our skin tone, but sometimes this can be too much everyday. Sometimes you just want a face primer that’s good for daily use and feels light and barely even noticeable.

    With the Microfit Technology of the Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer you can receive the reassurance of 8-hour coverage that you may receive from a foundation but with far less maintenance and with the added benefits of 70%+ skincare ingredients* for a natural pearlescent glow.

    * Amount of formulated ingredients listed by Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) of US to have a skincare effect.

    SFSLX Q and A

  • How do I get smooth skin
    with base makeup?

    A face primer can help you smooth uneven texture and tones to provide a flush makeup base. Choosing a primer that works with your foundation helps ensure they go one easily and work as a set, to better evenly blend into your skin for a superior finish. The Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is designed especially to pair with Total Radiance Foundation E cream, Total Radiance Loose Powder E, and Total Radiance Regenerating Cushion Foundation.

    SFSLX Q and A

  • How to achieve glowing,
    illuminated, and/or radiant skin?

    To achieve glowing skin a skincare routine that is focused on hydration is essential. Most of the time people consider cleansers and moisturizers, but usually not hydrating primers to fill this role. It’s because most primers are viewed as just makeup-based products to fill in wrinkles and pores. However, with 70% or more skincare ingredients*, the SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is made for skincare purposes first. It’s specially designed to smooth away pores and correct your complexion as it nourishes, protects and revitalizes the skin itself. And as a dual-purpose primer, It’s perfect for a light everyday makeup base.

    * Amount of formulated ingredients listed by Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) of US to have a skincare effect.

    SFSLX Q and A SFSLX Q and A

  • What are beneficial Japanese
    beauty ingredients?

    Japanese beauty is based on the idea of blending nature, art and science. Japan's deep connection to its surrounding nature and rich history of beauty secrets passed along for generations are now further enhanced in the modern world by cutting edge research and innovation into skincare treatments to help treat aging factors like wrinkles. This carries SHISEIDO’s philosophy to look to the depths of time for the future of skincare.

    For instance, a rare pearl known in Japan was studied and found to have superior emitting properties to help illuminate skin and is the basis for our new primer. Or being inspired by a monk performing a miraculous recovery of a traveler from the legendary Enmei herb which is the ingredient that now powers our Future Solution LX Collection with its skin vitalizing properties.

    SFSLX Q and A