Fusing the finest of Shiseido’s scientific and experiential achievements, FUTURE SOLUTION LX treats skin to unparalleled care, nurturing its ability to self-regenerate.

Beauty comes to life at night.
Total Regenerating Cream E

Formulated with SkingenecellEnmei. The vitalizing forces of
the Nighttime Defense Factor work tirelessly while you sleep.
Skin regenerated from its source. Visibly softer, more resilient
and luminous the very next morning. #FutureSolutionLX.
Made for reverence. Made with soul.

Time to treasure your skin.5 secrets

1. Enmei herb.

Beauty inspired by the past, engineered for the future.

Treasured for its substantial healing properties in ancient times, the Enmei herb’s roots run deep in Japanese folklore.
Once combined with Skingenecell 1P and Vitamin C Ethyl II, the Enmei extract comes to life as a more advanced, highly effective ingredient: SkingenecellEnmei.

2. Japanese botanicals.

Three precious Japanese botanical ingredients support and nurture skin’s
inherent powers of regeneration.

  • Oshima sakura leaf extractOshima sakura leaf extract
  • Premium uji green tea extractPremium uji green tea extract
  • Hokkaido angelica root extractHokkaido angelica root extract

3. The Nighttime
Defense Factor.

Shiseido discovered that skin is closely related to the body’s biological clock system. One particular finding detailed the role of the Nighttime Defense Factor, which works to repair damage at night for healthy looking skin with superior restorative powers.

4. The ultimate texture.

A rich, intensive cream with a dense, luxurious texture. Formulated with the highest concentration of Shiseido’s SkingenecellEnmei complex. Applies smoothly and absorbs quickly, enveloping skin in luxury to create the optimal nighttime environment.
Awakening its natural powers and helping them thrive throughout the night.

5. Natural form.
Beautifully crafted.

A modern interpretation of exquisite Japanese aesthetics. Packaging that enhances the skincare ritual at the very first step – the first touch.
Encased in an outer carton that expresses tsutsumu, the delicate art of Japanese gift wrapping.

A highly superior,
luxurious night cream.

This cream is formulated with a high concentration of Shiseido’s exclusive SkingenecellEnmei, a component of which helps accelerate age-defending benefits and encourage the vitalizing forces that renew beautiful skin from its source.

Total Regenerating Cream E

Beauty Longevity System

Beauty Longevity System actively promotes the regeneration
of beautiful skin and delivers high skincare effects.
By supplying SkingenecellEnmei day and night,
skin will achieve long-lasting beauty into the future.