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The Right Time is Now - Fresh Beauty Resolutions

From the Experts | Dec 12, 2019
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Most of us make plenty of ambitious resolutions in the run-up to January – but what if we missed the mark? From health and fitness goals, to finally making a start on that future best-seller, January is not the only month where we can kick-off a new goal. But what about our beauty regimens? Here, we asked some of SHISEIDO’s favorite faces to talk us through their beauty must-dos (or must-nots!) and this is what they said.

“To wear SPF religiously”

… says Lottie, SHISEIDO North America Color Artist.
“I’m really bad at wearing sunscreen, and that is at the top of my list for this year. I triple cleanse my skin and take really good care to moisturize and mask, but I am terrible about sunscreen. One tip that is slowly helping me remember is keeping it next to my makeup rather than with my skincare.”

“To exfoliate regularly”

… says Vincent Oquendo, SHISEIDO North America Color Artist.
“I’m definitely planning on exfoliating more in 2019. I currently exfoliate, but not as much as I should. As somebody working in the industry, I’m guilty of taking such good care of my clients’ skin that I forget to exfoliate my own as much as I should. This year I’ll definitely be prioritizing taking as good of care of my skin as I do with other people’s.”


“To take a more holistic approach to skincare”

… says influencer Lesley Buckle (@freshlengths).
“My number-one New Year's beauty resolution is to take a more holistic approach to skincare—so eating well for better skin as well as applying the right skincare. Improving diet is a bit of clichéd New Year's resolution, but I use really amazing products, then spoil it by making poor food choices constantly, which contributes to a lot of my breakouts. I'm often on photoshoots as an influencer and model, so it’s not ideal if my skin is acting up. That’s why it's something I really need to (finally) tackle. I’d also like to de-clutter and simplify my skincare routine. I have a few products that overlap in terms of having the same ingredients or a similar effect on the skin, so I’d love to strip this back and only use what I need.”

“To take inspiration from Japan”

… says Gregoris Pyrpylis, Shiseido EMEA Makeup ambassador.
“My main resolution this year is to travel more, specifically across Europe and Japan. I’m keen to understand Japanese beauty habits, routines and of course—being a huge beauty junkie—discover new products!”


“To stop touching my skin”

… says beauty blogger Madeleine Spencer (@Madeleinelovesthis)
“If I had to think of a beauty resolution, it would definitely be to stop touching my skin! I know from the work I do—and plenty of dermatologists and facialists have told me this too—that moving bacteria onto it and fiddling with spots only leads to breakouts. I know this, but haven’t been strict enough with myself. Now’s the time to act!”